Dutch to English video translation

A new Tomedes client needed Dutch translation services for his series of corporate videos

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Dutch to English video translation

December 23, 2018

Video is likely to be one of the top small business trends of 2019, as well as one of the key trends for the translation industry. Those providing video translation services are likely to find their expertise much in demand over the course of the year. 

Recently, a new client approached Tomedes asking for a Dutch to English translation for his series of corporate videos. His company was expanding into the English-speaking world and one phase of the strategy was to publish their product videos in English. Naturally, Tomedes was thrilled to be able to help. 

With a network of thousands of professional translators spread around the world, finding the perfect Dutch translation professional proved no problem for Tomedes. We have video translation experts covering a vast range of language pairings ready to meet our clients’ needs. In this case, our Dutch translator got straight to work. 

The client needed a transcription of his Dutch videos, a translation of the audio (complete with timestamping), and a translation of the subtitles. The timestamping element is a particularly important part of the process, as that’s what ensures the visual and the audio elements of the translated video meld together perfectly. 

Our expert Dutch translator made good time in providing the translation and the client was delighted with its high quality, as well as the speedy turnaround. The client was also pleased with the reasonable cost of the video translation service, which meant that his overall project came in well under budget. Another happy Tomedes customer! 

If you have a document that needs translation, whether a typed document, video or audio file or handwritten letter, Tomedes can help. You can contact us by phone, email or live chat to discuss your needs, or simply use the instant quote service on our website to obtain an immediate price. 

And while you’re here, why not check out the Tomedes Text Summarizer Tool? It has a wide range of business uses and is completely free to use. Enjoy! 

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