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If you want the most secured medical interpreting services, look no further. Tomedes medical interpreters are some of the most experienced in the field, providing critical interpretation services to those in need in 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. This all comes with a 24/7 customer line, 1-year guarantee, and fast delivery.

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We're trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small and medium corporations alike. Put your trust in Tomedes today. Here are some of our 95,000+ satisfied business partners.

Our certified translation services are guaranteed to solve all your submission problems by providing global solutions for your various requirements. We provide certified translations that are authentic representations of your original documents.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Interpreting Services

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, is a federal law that requires compliance to national standards, in order to protect patient health information. At Tomedes, the sensitive information of patients, accessed through documentation or interpretation, is never disclosed to anyone else without the patient's consent. Tomedes is HIPAA compliant in all aspects of our operations.

What is Medical Interpreting?

Medical interpreting is the facilitation of conversations between patients and health providers, for those with limited proficiencies in different languages. Medical interpreters are individuals fluent in two or more languages, as well as accredited with the knowledge of medical interpreting. At Tomedes, you'll find the right medical interpreter, for your one-on-one clinic visits with your doctor, for your medical emergencies, or for your medical trials.


Medical Interpreting for Healthcare Institutions

We're trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small and medium corporations alike. Put your trust in Tomedes today. Here are some of our 95,000+ satisfied business partners.


Hospitals need interpretation, now more than ever. If you're in a medical emergency, Tomedes interpreters can accommodate your needs by sending an onsite interpreter. Medical interpreting for hospitals are needed in cases of conversations within the hospital visit, such as medical rights, medical care, and more.


Clinical visits, either on telehealthcare or in the physical, need the assistance of medical interpreters to bridge the language or disability gap between the patient and the healthcare provider. You can opt for remote, onsite, or telephonic interpreting, at Tomedes.

Private Practices

Medical businesses that have their own private practices need emergency care that can cater to all. With that in mind, medical interpreters are critically needed in that field, to convey the messages needed from patient to provider, as well as intercede for the patient to the health care workers.

Specialized Treatment Centres

For physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and diagnostic care in specialized treatment centres, on-site and remote interpreters have the capability to be a bridge between the institutions, the physicians and the patient. This service is needed to translate into more than 120 languages.


Getting a hold of medicine is an important aspect of a patient or individual's life, which is why medical interpreting for pharmacies is sorely needed for this field. Medical interpreters stand between critical medications and limited language proficiency patients who need the medication.

Assisted Living Facilities

In home care like nursing homes, medical interpreters provide the special skill of oral translation for the patients. Medical interpretation can be used for all home care institutions, such as for the disabled or mentally incapacitated

Medical Interpretation Per Your Preference



On-site medical interpretation, as per your preference, is available at Tomedes. On-site medical interpretation is the process of translating everything on site in all conversations, as if it were the speaker who said the words.



Telephonic medical interpretation services is the service of medical interpreting through the telephone. All telephone conversations from patient to provider are mediated by the medical interpreter, who has the linguistic and industry expertise to be qualified for the job.


Video Remote

Video remote interpreting is the process of interpreting through all video communications. Video remote interpretation is a prime aspect of telehealthcare, especially for doctor's visits, such as follow-ups, treatment plans, and more.

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Tomedes has a worldwide team of translators accredited to certify translations of practically any type of document for virtually every jurisdiction. We offer a 100% 1-year guarantee on our certified translation services.


Translation services made for every Medical Interpreting in 120 Languages and 950+ Services

All these types of medical interpretation services can all transform your language into 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. If you're looking for on-demand interpreting services and nationwide medical interpreting services, look no further than Tomedes translation company.


Our Trusted Network of Medical Interpreters

We have a trusted network of medical interpreters versed in two or more languages and in the industry of the medical field. Our senior linguists have the experience necessary for the critical role of the medical interpreter. And our project managers can match you with the right medical interpreter that you need.

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