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Governments serve the public, but who serves the public servants? When it comes to communications and language services, Tomedes is up for the job. We have vast multinational, multilingual experience in government translation, assisting officials and their agencies at every level to communicate effectively and efficiently with diverse audiences and stakeholders.


From content creation, to translation and interpretation, editing and proofreading, and localization of projects across regions and across borders, thousands of mother-tongue linguists in our global network are on call to assist government clients in their communication projects.

Our Government Translation Services Include:

Research and Reports

The work of government involves a never-ending stream of reports and research. We have in-depth experience in researching, writing, editing and translating diverse topics for governmental purposes.

Legal Document

Translating documents which comply with all legal and regulatory requirements is a specialized skill which requires extensive experience. Each word counts, so the translator must be fluent in both the source and target languages at the mother-tongue level.

Diplomatic Document

Diplomatic documents have specific formats and styles which vary from place to place, but it’s essential to master these formalities for the sake of protocol and to fulfill legal requirements. Tomedes has extensive international experience in these areas.

Website Localization

Government websites often have diverse and multilingual audiences. Localizing website and mobile app languages is one of our specialties. Our linguistic and tech experts work with you and your web development teams to ensure consistency across language versions.


Governments have no lack of live events, conferences, and presentations in international settings. Interpreting translation services for the public sector are needed to satisfy the needs of your audiences, so Tomedes can provide mother-tongue simultaneous interpreters to make everyone in your audience feel supported.

Proofreading and Editing

It’s a best practice to always have two or more pairs of eyes on each document to avoid embarrassing mistakes. This is especially important in government-produced documents in multiple languages, where it is easy for errors to creep in. Tomedes helps avoid that, guaranteeing accuracy in each project.

Visiting Delegations

Government agencies and departments frequently host delegations from around the world. Oftentimes, events that make use of this wide network of international representatives require special communications such as translation. If you are seeking a government translation service that is both complete and coherent, Tomedes is here for you. We make sure that communication is fluid for your guests so you can focus on your specific concerns. Our pool of linguists are politically savvy and understand the inner workings of both local and international matters to deliver language solutions that are fast, accurate, and in line with current events.

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    Ensuring Public Safety with Clear Translations




    Law enforcement is one branch of government with high multilingual contact and many administrative tasks requiring translation. Police translation and interpreting for police require high sensitivity for the context and a commitment to security. At Tomedes, this is something we can guarantee.

    Other Government Translation Services

    There is so much more to government translation than meets the eye. To learn more about our service, feel free to reach out. Our agents will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your language needs.

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