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Championing Quality Translation Services: Ofer Tirosh

by OFER TIROSH 01/11/2022

The United States-based Tomedes Translation Services  is a translation company that offers top-notch professional translation services to valued clients across the globe, including major Fortune 500 companies. As the name suggests, the company was formed to deliver precise translations at reasonable prices.

In the translation industry, the experts employ modern technologies to meet the demands of the clients. Founded in 2007, the team translates all sorts of documents and strongly believes in service and fairness. Human translators provide quality translations and go to great lengths to give 24/7 customer support.

The skilled processes of budding sound translation services for clients’ businesses have enabled Tomedes Translation Services to gain a prestigious position amongst the USA’s top translation services companies at GoodFirms. 

Team GoodFirms had the opportunity to communicate with the company’s CEO, Ofer Tirosh, and discuss his company’s services and the way he envisages his company.

While familiarizing Tomedes Translation Services and briefly explaining his role within the organization, Mr. Tirosh stated that the company was founded in 2007 in Israel as a traditional translation company and worked as a language service provider specializing in related services to translation, localization, and interpretation.

Interestingly, since 2007, the company has become a highly reputed language and business service provider across the globe.

Nevertheless, being a tech-forward company, the main focus is always on human connection. Along with this, services related to communication, such as content and digital solutions, are also provided by Tomedes. 

Being the CEO of Tomedes, Mr. Tirosh ensures that members of the organization have all the resources they require to deliver quality solutions for large and small organizations. His goal is to facilitate the growth of the company. So, he hunts for creative solutions to ensure every language requirement is met efficiently.


The Inception Story 

Mr.Tirosh recalls that before establishing two startups, he had worked with a global telecommunications company that enabled him to understand clients' difficulties in getting simplified B2B solutions and transparent customer services. During that time, companies were looking to make their mark on the international scene, and translation was needed. That’s how the idea of providing translation services took its wings. 

Further, the company was created to streamline the growth process for organizations globally. Hence the model is based on the faultless blend of affordability, high quality, and quick delivery of many language services. Tomedes support all these commitments that help all kinds of industries reach their worldwide goals. 


Business Model - Remote-first 

When inquired about the company’s business model, Mr.Tirosh declared that Tomedes has worked as a remote-first company for the past fifteen years. Flexibility helps improve productivity and profitability and promotes a healthy work-life balance. The company's primary goal is to build a strong relationship with the team and adapt to the needs of the team members. Therefore, Tomedes was a remote company before and will remain the same in the future.


Differentiating Factors 

Mr. Tirosh also addressed how one can differentiate Tomedes from the competition by claiming that the company has a profound respect for the competition and learns a lot from it. Though the focus is on the client, the team strives hard to meet the client's complex language demands. 

The company's objectives:

  • Aims to provide optimal language services and solutions

  • Improves the workflows and processes as well as receptive to customer inquiries and specifications

  • Works with the clients every step of the way to develop a solution that aptly meets the client's expectations

  • The core values of transparency, excellence, and trustworthiness are a testament to the customer commitment


Industries Served

Team GoodFirms also enquired Mr.Tirosh about the industries they generally cater to. The CEO answered that the company offers B2B services for global clients and aims to promote growth, no matter the industry of the organization or its size. The company enthusiastically explores the perfect fit between the clients and language professionals according to expertise and experience. The team believes they will learn more if they are more open to the client's business requirements. Notably, media and video localization are required for many sectors as Covid effects have brought a surge in remote and digital transformation demands. 

Mr. Tirosh further stated that being a multidimensional organization, the company delivers clients with a wide range of services. It covers localization services that involve solutions for websites, software, apps, and gaming. The experts provide services in transcreation, copywriting, SEO, and international marketing in the content and digital marketing field. Further, the company is open to providing the types of services per the client's demands.


Customer-satisfaction Rate 

While discussing the customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Tirosh expressed that the company possesses a 98% customer satisfaction rate with relentless improvement since 2007. Moreover, steps taken to cater to the customers’ needs are:

  • Project managers and customer success experts understand the client's requirements and set clear expectations for every project.

  • The team continuously works on optimizing the workflows and processes. The team significantly extends the scope of services and believes in providing consistent quality and diversification of needs in the digital era. 

The CEO added that Tomedes’ customer success experts and linguistics offer 24/7 real-time support to clients’ inquiries, and concerns are responded quickly. Further, the team deliverables adapt to the urgency of a project so that clients have the final output when they need it.

In discussing the payment structure, the CEO clarified that prices are clearly identified, and quotes are easily calculated based on the project type or language service request. The translation and localization services are determined according to word count. Hourly rates are offered for consulting, content, and other digital services.

Additionally, Tomedes does not set a minimum for any of its projects. The company can range from a few dollars to millions of dollars, as each language solution is unique.

While concluding the interview, when Team GoodFirms asked where Mr.Tirosh sees his company in a decade, he pleasantly replied that to become a leading customer-centric company, Tomedes will do everything to optimize the approach. In the long run, the team seeks to maintain high standards for human language and translation services, technology solutions, and additional services and looks forward to seeing Tomedes continue to grow. 

You can go through the entire interview of Tomedes Translation Services’s CEO, Mr. Tirosh, on the GoodFirms website.


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