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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you?

We serve business customers from all over the globe for 8+ years, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. If you want to be sure, contact us for a free of charge sample.

How can I be sure that I will receive my translation?

Dozens of translation projects are delivered to our customers each day. And of course we are at your service 24/7.

How do I retrieve my completed translation?

Upon translation completion, you will receive an email notification from the Tomedes team. The translated document will be waiting for you on your account page on

Why do I need to pay in advance?

Truth be told, charging payment in advance helps us keep our costs lower and offer you attractive prices. Yet, Feel free to contact us if this option doesn't suit you.

What are my payment options?

We accept checks, bank transfers, credit cards, Skrill & PayPal transactions (you can use funds in your PayPal account or send payment using a credit card). If you have a specific request, feel free to contact us.

Why can't I order translation with proofreading?

Quality assurance is an inherent part of our job process. We consider QA measures, such as proofreading, to be our responsibility and believe you shouldn't be charged any extra payment for them. An expert from Tomedes team reviews every translation and makes sure it's only delivered in highest quality.

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