Customer & Vendor Alert: Someone Is Running a Scam and They’re Using the Tomedes Name

by OFER TIROSH 01/03/2022

There’s a lot of online scams going on right now. Unfortunately, we at Tomedes are alerting you to be aware of groups running a fraudulent scheme using the company’s name—this is not us. 

The fraudulent activities came to our attention after a few vendors and service providers left negative reviews about the company, complaining that they were not paid for the services they have rendered. Some vendors also reached out to us, through our social media accounts to ask for overdue payments. There are also those who have sent us invoices without having any prior communication with them. 

All of these suspicious activities raised an alarm within the company, prompting us to perform an investigation. After gathering information from the individuals who have reached out to us, we managed to figure out how they are running their scam:

  1. These individuals or groups post on platforms like Upwork, asking people to perform jobs/tasks such as typing jobs on behalf of Tomedes. 

  2. They use unauthorized email addresses and unauthorized chat app accounts for communication.

  3. Once a vendor agrees to perform tasks, they will be given assignments by the scammer.

  4. Upon completion of the task, the scammers will then make excuses for delaying the payment.

  5. The scammers then will cut off communication with the vendors that they have victimized.

What is even more alarming is that after claiming unforeseen problems are causing delays in payment, the scammers will then try to get personal details like credit card information from their victims claiming that is the only way for their payment to push through.

To avoid being victimized by scammers like these, here are a few warning signs that should make you suspicious:

  1. Employers not using company email addresses and sticking to free email addresses like or particularly Only Tomedes affiliated email addresses such as, or are real Tomedes accounts.

  2. Employers using unauthorized apps such as Telegram to discuss professional work throughout the transaction.

  3. Unclear instructions and guidelines on how one will get paid.

  4. Not asking vendors to go through official hiring platforms on the website.

To our vendors and customers, for whom we take particular care, make sure you are not victimized by these deceitful individuals or groups—we at Tomedes would never do that to you.


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