Top Translation Services in Philadelphia

October 20, 2023
Top Translation Services in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, a city known for its rich history and cultural diversity, has always been a melting pot of languages and dialects. According to the Vera Institute of Justice, it's estimated that around 638,500, or 11% of the population, are immigrants residing in Philadelphia. As a result, the demand for professional translation services has seen a steady rise. 

Translations for Linguistically-Diversity Philadelphia

As Philadelphia continues to be a hub for immigrants seeking better opportunities, safety, and a sense of belonging, bridging the language gap cannot be overstated. Without effective communication, crucial aspects of daily life, such as accessing healthcare, securing legal assistance, and pursuing education, can become formidable challenges.

As an international translation provider, we understand the perks of being able to work with a translator within your locale. This is the main reason why we continuously cultivate our extensive network of native translators. However, the fact still remains that some clients would ideally like to be more closely acquainted with their translators.

Let's examine the translation industry landscape of Philadelphia together. We've written this article to paint this picture through reviews that are available online. Here are the best-reviewed translation services in Philadelphia, PA.

10 of the Best Translation Services in Philadelphia

1. Quantum

est. 1991 || 240 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 || 11-50 employees 
Quantum Inc. was founded on the belief in borderless communication across languages and cultures. Having provided quality translation services for over 30 years,  their dedicated professional team eliminates linguistic barriers – offering timely effective solutions for a positive social impact.
4.8 on Google  //  5.0 on Yelp  //  4.8 on Birdeye


2. Magnum Group, Inc.

est. 1992 || 610 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 || 11-50 employees
Considering numerous cultural factors, crafting an effective multicultural strategy blends science and art. Magnum’s consultative approach ensures accurate brand representation and voice across cultures. They continuously refine their methods through feedback to better anticipate and serve unique needs.
4.2 on Clutch  //  4.3 on Birdeye


3. United Language Service

est. 2015 || 1700 Market St Suite 1005, Philadelphia, PA 19103 || 11-50 employees 
United Language Services offers expert translation across industries like law, education, and healthcare. Their dedicated professionals prioritize clarity, mastering language nuances to ensure accurate, quality translations exceeding industry standards.
 5.0 on Google  //  4.5 on G2


4. Global Arena

est. 1989 || 100 S Broad St Ste 1400 Philadelphia, PA 19110 || 51-150 employees
Global Arena provides top-tier language and cultural solutions, emphasizing cultural values' impact on business. Utilizing advanced technology and experienced consultants, they streamline processes and enhance client experiences.
4.9 on Google (57 reviews)


5. Global Bilingual Solutions (GBS)

est. 2010 || 1735 Market St 3750, Philadelphia, PA 19103 || 11-50 employees 
Global Bilingual Solutions (GBS) offers comprehensive multilingual services, prioritizing excellence and expertise. Their certified interpreters are industry leaders. They specialize in translating diverse materials in 250+ languages and provide language training, global outsourcing, and tailored HR solutions for businesses.
5.0 on Facebook  //  5.0 on Clutch


6. JR Language Translation Services Agency

est. 2006 || 1700 Market St Suite 1005, Philadelphia, PA 19103 || 11-50 employees 
With expert project managers JR Language ensures timely, budget-friendly, high-quality translation services – including localization and desktop publishing. Their comprehensive solutions ensure exceptional results for over 100 languages.
4.8 on Google (48 reviews)


7. Global Link Language Services, Inc.

est. 1996 || 117 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 || 11-50 employees 
Global Link comprises elite linguists and specialists, ensuring engaging and accurate multilingual content tailored to audiences worldwide. Their commitment to quality and excellent service positions them as a trusted language partner for global brands through a client-focused approach.
5.0 on Google


8. BCE Consulting and Translations

est. 2011 || 7710 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19152
BCE forwards services for Brazilians, collaborating with the Brazilian Consulate in NY to serve citizens in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Bermuda. With 12 years of U.S. experience, we offer notary services, document translation, and Certisign registration from Philadelphia.
4.3 on Google


9. ABS Translation & Interpreting Services

est. 1998 || Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 || 51-200 employees 
ABS offers tailored language solutions with an experienced desktop publishing and multimedia team. Specializing in foreign language layouts, their experts deliver top-quality projects. They provide desktop publishing, audio-video services, and transcription, ensuring each project's excellence.
5.0 on Google


10. Nationalities Service Center (non-profit)

est. 1922 || 1216 Arch St 4th, Philadelphia, PA 19107
For over 100 years, NSC has transformed compassion into action – serving 5,000 immigrants and refugees annually in Greater Philadelphia. They offer language access, legal aid, community integration, employment, and wellness services. In doing so, they steadfastly empower newcomers for a brighter future.
4.5 on Google (30 reviews)


Free Language Translation Service Programs Available In Philadelphia  

If you're tight on budget, several free language translation service programs in Philadelphia are readily available to the public. We have listed some of them below, as follows:

  • Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA): This office ensures that immigrants can access city services regardless of their linguistic background. The OIA often spearheads language access initiatives and collaborates with other city departments.

  • Language Access Philly: It is a citywide initiative that aims to enhance language access across city departments. It provides resources and training to city employees to assist non-English speaking residents.

  • City's 311 System: Philadelphia's 311 system has multilingual operators or access to interpretation services to assist callers in various languages.

  • Public Schools: The School District of Philadelphia provides interpretation and translation services for parents and guardians who do not speak English as their primary language.

  • Public Health Services: Many public health clinics and departments offer translation services for non-English speaking patients, ensuring they receive proper care.

  • Public Safety: Police and emergency services in Philadelphia often have access to interpretation services to communicate with residents who do not speak English.

What makes a good translation service provider?

Translation services are more than just a practical necessity; they are vital conduits for understanding, empathy, and connection within Philadelphia’s community. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that immigrants can effectively communicate their needs, aspirations, and concerns.

Characteristics of a good translation provider:

  • Accurate: Ensures the translation retains the original content's meaning without distortion.

  • Culturally Sensitive: Demonstrates awareness of cultural nuances and ensures they are appropriately conveyed.

  • Timeliness & Consistency: Delivers translations within the agreed-upon deadline while maintaining uniformity in terms and tone throughout the translation.

  • Confidentiality & Quality Control: Prioritizes client privacy and implements rigorous quality assurance processes such as proofreading and editing.

  • Native Fluency: Utilizes translators who are native speakers of the target language to ensure natural flow.

  • Expertise and Versatility: Able to handle various types of content, from technical manuals to creative literature.

  • Technological Prowess: Uses advanced translation tools and software to aid in consistency and efficiency.

  • Affordability & Transparency: Offers clear pricing, processes, and feedback mechanisms, and provides competitive rates without compromising on quality.

  • Professional & Receptive to Feedback: Welcomes client feedback and makes necessary adjustments – maintaining a professional attitude in the process.

Final Thoughts

Working with a local translation provider offers personalized service, an understanding of regional dialects and cultural nuances, and easier communication. The proximity facilitates in-person meetings, fostering trust and collaboration, while supporting local businesses boosts community economic growth.

Tomedes is an online translation services provider that caters to any localization project for any industry. Our extensive network of native translators allows us to cater to 150+ languages across the globe. For any additional concerns, feel free to contact us so we may address you immediately.

By Clarriza Heruela

Clarriza Mae Heruela graduated from the University of the Philippines Mindanao with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, majoring in Creative Writing. Her experience from growing up in a multilingually diverse household has influenced her career and writing style. She is still exploring her writing path and is always on the lookout for interesting topics that pique her interest.



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