Why use memoQ?

November 21, 2018
Why use memoQ?

Here at Tomedes, we use memoQ as our leading CAT tool, and we support translators who want ‎to adopt it as their primary translation tool. 

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve collaborated with memoQ to offer Tomedes translators 30% ‎off the latest version of memoQ! Let's introducing this tool.

The translation and localization industry uses industry-specific software to aid in the translation process. It aids both consistency and productivity, allowing translators to work faster and better.

Introducing memoQ

memoQ is an incredibly user-friendly CAT tool, allowing you to keep an ongoing Translation Memory. IT also provides TermBase abilities. Imagine your client has specific terms (patient, lesion, stock option, retrieve), or words that he wishes not to translate (brand names). With memoQ, you can create a client-specific list that will reflect these unique preferences! There’s no need to rely on the project manager to remind you!

Imagine that you can translate a document, no matter the format, and see current or past matching translated sentences show-up in a compact little window on the side, ready for you to pick and choose. User feedback has shown that this can save at least 33% of your time!

Forget laboring over those difficult automatic tables of contents, sketches, and drawings! With memoQ, you can have them ready in place!

Imagine sorting your text by the frequency of appearance! Documents with repeated headers and titles are no longer an issue. You can simply "get rid" of all those annoying repeated phrases at the beginning of the translation, then enjoy working through the rest of the document much faster than you would be able to by translating the old fashioned way!

With memoQ, you can build your own powerful Translation Memory, which serves as a vast repository of all your translations! After all, some clients’ needs are quite similar, so why translate everything all over again? And again? And again?

memoQ is the little magic helper that can assists you to work faster and smarter. As a result, you can take on more work and enjoy a higher income – or you can stick with the same volume of work and enjoy more free time. Either way, you win!

Our experience has shown that some translators are nervous of trialing new CAT tools. They are used to seeing the text in a "standard" way on the screen: a luminous white page with black print. They may struggle to sense the context when the copy is presented as a table matrix of sentences. However, it’s much easier than you might think to get used to and you’ll quickly find that you never want to go back to the old ways!

What support does memoQ provide?

memoQ provides professional, 24/7 support. Their staff team always go the extra step to help those using memoQ. Their CAT tool support service is second to none!

Forget "read our forums" or "search our knowledge base" responses. memoQ provides real live support engineers working in shifts around the clock. They can help troubleshoot any issue, and assist with every problem. There are clips and tutorials, webinars and help files… you can learn anything you need from their site!

What will Tomedes do to help?

Tomedes is dedicated to helping our translators use memoQ. We can help you take your first steps, provide you with quick user guides, share tips and tricks based on our hands-on experience, and provide in-house tech support with installing, using, troubleshooting, and more. We will hold your hand every step of the way!

All you need to prepare for your upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping spree is our special memoQ 30% discount coupon code: LSP_Tomedes30_PS

Simply visit https://www.memoq.com/en/how-to-purchase to enter the code and enjoy your discounted memoQ. Make sure you do so before December 15th, 2018, or you’ll lose your chance!

If you are already a CAT tool user (Studio, Wordfast, Déjà Vu, etc.) read on to find out more about memoQ’s powerful capabilities!

memoQ – thinking outside the box

Both translators and clients are pushing for the use of CAT tools. They improve the translation process, ensure consistency and create database resource that both clients and translators can use.

Here at Tomedes, we use memoQ as our leading tool, using it more than any other solution. As a TM or TB tool, all CATs provide you with means to manage your translation memory or list of terms. However, memoQ is unique, delivering a powerful tool that helps you like no other.

Today's clients pose a range of challenges. Each week we find a new variant of xliff, xml, or ini files, which are strings files in a mask. Our Project Managers see more codes on a daily basis than developers in tech R&D divisions. Reality is moving at a faster pace than the localization industry.

memoQ’s time to shine!

Most tools use a “plug and play” approach. You drop in the file, and the tool reads it for you. But what if it fails? What then? This is where memoQ comes in. It still features the easy plug and play approach that we all know and love, but with the added bonus of being able to address any issues with the file type.

The “Import with Options” dialog box is a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. Click into it and an entire world of options opens up for you! From here, you can instruct memoQ as to which filter and configuration to use to suit the individual file. For instance, a PowerPoint filter, with a configuration that skips all the Notes and the Hidden slides.

And there’s more. All those ever changing code types and funny time coding patterns (we’ve now encountered 10 ways to write a time code for SRTs!) – all this is open for you to change and tailor to suit your needs. It’s the best of both world’s – memoQ delivers “out of the box” functionality approach while also being able to think outside the box!

Powerful abilities – some examples

1) The ability to read almost any file format, even ones that no other tools allow you to read

- Android, iPhone, JSON, properties and Strings file? Check!

- Multilingual Excel sheets, even with existing partial translations? Check!

- Multilingual XML files or non-standard XML formats? Check!

- All types of xliffs? Check!

2) Strong DTP abilities – no more errors on export!

Powerful strength in processing graphics layouts, with almost zero export errors due to complicated design, and practically no "misaligns" in the layout grid (as sometimes happens with competing CAT tools!)

3) The ability to handle mixed code structure

Got and Excel file full of exported website content, but with each string also showing html code? No biggy! Simply use the cascading filter. Layer your filters, Excel and then HTML filter, and you're good to go!

4) Flexibility in creating your own filters and further filtering the text

These days, almost every bodega store has a mobile app. As translators, we come across ever-changing code structures, placeholders, and variables.

Other tools may leave you feeling stranded, unless you know how to add your own filters. Not all tools even allow you to add your own filters! The result? You’re on your own dealing with all those strange {appname} occurrences.

In memoQ, you can use the Regular Expression tagger (RexEx tagger) and add a rule that takes all those bits and closes them neatly in a tag! Simply adding a {.*? } rule will convert any placeholder in the curly brackets into tags.

Try some of these recorded webinars here:


These are just a few of the cool things that memoQ can do. As technology continues to evolve, so does memoQ. Whenever the next code or file type crops up, memoQ will be ready!

Ariela Tamir

Technologies manager - Tomedes

By Ofer Tirosh

Ofer Tirosh is the founder and CEO of Tomedes, a language technology and translation company that supports business growth through a range of innovative localization strategies. He has been helping companies reach their global goals since 2007.



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