The Freelancer's Guide to the Galaxy

by OFER TIROSH 01/02/2016

Freelancing is a wonderful journey, packed with excitement and adventure, but it can be a tricky journey to navigate alone. That’s why the fabulous fast and easy invoice provider, FreshBooks, has mapped out the Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy, to help you navigate the freelancing journey.

The compact freelancing guide

The Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy works as a compact guide, packed with information, hints and tips to take you from the very start of your freelancing journey, through to retirement. This is essential reading for every freelance worker. 

The trials and tribulations of the journey will no doubt seem familiar to all those who have been freelancing for a while, from the ‘Time-Waster’s Black Hole’ to ‘Accounting Alley.’ A light-hearted yet valuable infographic, the Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy definitely deserves five minutes of your valuable time: check it out today!

Final thoughts

What do you think of the Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy from FreshBooks? Is anything missing from it? Does it resonate with your own experience? Share your thoughts via the comments. 


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