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Are you an individual working in a foreign country? Or are you a company with employees who speak different languages? Translated payslips are important for compliance with local laws and regulations; promoting diversity and inclusion at the same time. Our network of certified translators ensures that each translation is complete, accurate, and culturally appropriate. Check-in with our dedicated customer support anytime; they’ll keep you posted even on holidays.

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Certified Payslip Translations for All Languages

Translated payslips are important for individuals working in a foreign country for this enables them to understand their pay, taxes, and benefits. For companies, on the other hand, translated payslips assure them that every employee understands their terms of employment. This ensures a healthy legal and professional relationship. It also helps companies promote diversity and inclusion.


Additionally, most countries like the US have specific laws or regulations regarding payslips. In these instances, employers should provide their staff with written or electronic pay stubs for each pay period – showing each employee's gross pay, deductions, and net pay. In such cases, failure to provide accurate and complete payslips can result in penalties or legal action.

Translate Payslips for Personal and Corporate Purposes

Accurate and Professional

We provide accurate and professional translations of your payslips, ensuring that all details are translated correctly and clearly.

Certified and Recognized

Our certified translations meet all legal requirements and compliance with regulations, making them ideal for official purposes such as visa applications or legal proceedings.

Quick Turnaround Times

We understand the importance of your time, and therefore we offer quick turnaround times, with most translations delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Expertise in Local Laws and Finance

Our team of translators is well-versed in the local laws and regulations of the countries we serve, ensuring that your payslips comply with all relevant legislation.

Cost-effective Pricing

We offer competitive and transparent pricing, ensuring that you get high-quality payslip translations at an affordable cost.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide dedicated customer support, ensuring that you have access to expert advice and assistance at every step of the translation process.

Other Important Related Documents We Translate

Listed below are important personal and corporate employment-related documents that may require translation. As a company, Tomedes has the capacity to cater to any and all of these documents for official use. Feel free to give us a chat should you have any additional concerns.

  • checkEmployment contracts
  • checkTax forms and filings
  • checkBenefit statements
  • checkSeverance agreements
  • checkBank statements and financial records
  • checkEmployment verification letters
  • checkImmigration and visa documents
  • checkLabor union agreements
  • checkCollective bargaining agreements

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