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There is a crucial need for companies to get all their employees on the same page. Tomedes’ native linguists pay attention to the smallest details to provide an accurate and locally relevant handbook translation for you.

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Secure Your Onboarding Solution with Tomedes’ Handbook Translation Services




It takes a lot to make a business run smoothly. Why not free yourself from the worry of successful employee training?


Tomedes’ native translators understand the intricacies of language and workplace culture between different countries. We ensure that you're provided with a handbook translation service that perfectly coincide with your company objectives.

Exceptional Handbook Translation Services from A to Z

American Translators Association Member

As a member of the American Translators Association, Tomedes possesses the local and international references required to guarantee for your company an accurate employee handbook translation. This partnership also acts as a stamp of approval for all outstanding translation services we've delivered.

Performed by Professional Translators

Good handbook translation services require comprehensive knowledge of the HR domain. The translators that work with Tomedes in any field have demonstrated years of experience and terminological aptitude. This ensures a translation that perfectly fits your brand and need.

Clutch Top Global Translation Services 2021

Tomedes’ number one priority is you. Recognized by Clutch as a leader in global translation services demonstrates that this is true. We promise to go above and beyond to offer you an employee handbook translation that completely responds to your needs.

Data Security Guarantee

Working with Tomedes for your employee handbook translation means you do not have to worry about exposing private company information. Our data security guarantee encompasses full confidentiality for all of your processes, practices, and patterns, no matter your industry.

Tomedes Translates an Array of Employee Handbooks and Manuals

Tomedes’ years of experience translating a wide variety of onboarding resources has given us the tools and knowledge needed for any type of demand. Our native linguists ensure exceptional employee handbook translation services for documents such as:

  • checkEmployment Basics
  • checkWorkplace Policies
  • checkCode of Conduct
  • checkCulture-Based Handbook
  • checkGeneral Information
  • checkOnboarding Conditions
  • checkCommunication Policies
  • checkCompany Mission & Values
  • checkCase-Specific Handbooks

Let Us Take Care Of Your Business

The client has always been at the heart of Tomedes’ corporate philosophy, which is why we have cost-effective handbook translation prices. We guarantee 15-minute response to quote and project inquiries, 24/7 support, and a full-year accuracy warranty on each project.

Handbook Translation Services in Over 120 Languages and 950+ Language Pairs

Tomedes’ international network of native linguists ensures quality handbook translation services in just about any language you may need. The languages we translate include but are not limited to:


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Employee Handbook Translations Performed by Professionals in the Domain




Tomedes collaborates with select translators who have benefitted from years of professional experience in HR and organizational socialization. These native linguists therefore possess the terminology and occupational references needed to provide excellent and culturally relevant employee handbook translations for a breadth of industries around the globe.

The Go-To Provider for All Corporate and SME Handbook Translation Services

Businesses worldwide have depended on Tomedes for their expert handbook translation services. Today, we work with an extensive range of industries seeking to expand their purview and properly integrate new employees.

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