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Language Translation Services

Tomedes’ language translation services cover over 100 languages in more than 1,000 language pairs and have been implemented across a diverse range of industries. The services we offer are backed by a network of fully vetted language experts from around the globe.

The Leading Translation Services Provider

Our translation services have been consistently voted as the best in the world. Trusted by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, we pride ourselves in high quality, industry-leading translations, fast turnaround times and exemplary customer service. Our translation services are agile and highly scalable to meet the demands of our customers while maintaining the quality assurance that we’re known for.

Translation Services for your Every Need

No two translations are alike. After tens of thousands of engagements, Tomedes is committed to approaching and executing your project with “fresh eyes” to ensure that you receive the highest standard of translation services. That starts with ensuring that your project team possesses the specialized domain experience demanded by your assignment.

Our Translation Services

Legal Translation

Our experienced legal translators understand the pedantic and exacting nature of legalese. In Law, one poorly worded sentence could mean a massive loophole in a contract or a loss in court proceedings. This is why Tomedes hires only the best translators to provide accurate, certified translation services for legal documents.


Medical Translation

Medical translation requires precision and a deep understanding of medical concepts and terminologies. Tomedes only hires the best certified medical translators to provide medical practitioners and companies accurate and knowledgeable translation services for documents from research papers to equipment and medication labelling.


Technical Translation

We have a network of more than 10,000 professional translators, each with their own speciality across various technical fields. This allows us to match our clients to the right translators and provide them with high-quality technical translations.


Certified Translation

We guarantee that our translators are fully accredited by internationally-recognized translation organizations. As such, our language professionals are able to provide certified translation for documents that require certification such as in legal or medical documents.


Document Translation

From brochures to textbooks, movie posters to company handbooks, Tomedes’ document translation services provide excellent translations in thousands of language pairs with fast turnaround times. We provide the right team of translators and a dedicated project manager to scale to your project’s needs and work with your timeline.


Website Localization

Our website localization services have empowered corporations and SMEs alike to reach new audiences and markets through their multilingual online presence. We combine industry-standard tools and platforms with the best human translators to deliver expert-quality website localization efficiently.


App Localization

For years, we have helped app developers share their mobile experience to the world through our app localization services. We follow a careful procedure with several layers of quality testing on functionality and linguistic levels, mixing technology and human solutions to make sure that your multilingual app is ready to roll out without a hitch.


Video Translation

Social media channels, video-sharing platforms, streaming services: all of these are testament to the explosion of video as the king of online content. We help brands and production companies reach international audiences through video translation. Our end-to-end video translation services take care of every step of the process from transcription to subtitling and closed captioning to post-editing.


Marketing Translation

Our marketing translation services have enabled brands to resonate with audiences across five continents. We have translators who specialize in marketing communications based all over the world to assist companies in designing international marketing campaigns that resonate well with multiple audiences and ultimately gain consumer trust.


Other Translation Services

Translation is a diversified and nuanced profession. We ensure that you receive the specific language services that you require. These including localizations of software, websites and apps, marketing and business translation, financial translations, sequential and simultaneous interpretation, audio and video transcription and translations, including subtitling and closed captioning. Whatever your needs and industry, we have the linguistic expertise for your project.

How It Works

Reach out to Tomedes with a brief description of your translation needs. Tell us about your project, your deadline, and provide a sample of your material or links to online content. We’ll review the material and get back to you immediately.



We will send a detailed proposal and timetable for you to review. When terms are agreed and the project initiated, we’ll assign a personal management team to your account.



Each project is assigned to an expert team of linguists specializing in the needed language pair and with the specific domain expertise you require. They execute the work per your instructions.


Proofreading and QA

Each project includes proofreaders who quality-assure your translation work. We respect your time and return for your approval only carefully vetted material.



Overseeing each step of your project is your dedicated management team, They serve as your always available liaison with the linguistic team, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.



Tomedes is committed to delivering each project according to the agreed deadline. We guarantee our work for an entire year, a commitment unmatched in the industry.

Fully Accredited Translation Services


Translation Services in 100+ languages

Our team of professionals are present in all five continents, allowing us to match clients with the right translators for their needs. The Tomedes team is fluent in more than 100 languages with support for over 1,000 language pairs including both major business languages and rare or niche languages.


Translation Services for any Industry


From car owner’s manuals to marketing materials, Tomedes has provided translation services for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.

Banking & Finance

Our global network of translators is no stranger to the banking and finance industry. From large international financial institutions to budding fintech companies, we make sure that our translations are always on the money.


Medical practitioners and companies alike trust Tomedes to provide accurate, certified medical translations across the globe. Our stringent quality checks make sure that all document translations are not only linguistically correct but technically correct as well.


Our translation services can help level up your video game experience and bring it to the world. Tomedes’ software localization experts have years of experience working with the gaming industry, enabling them to bring their video game titles across borders.


Technology can only be truly disruptive if it’s available to everyone. Tomedes has a deep understanding of the tech industry for over a decade. We are capable of providing translation services to clients from revolutionary niches in tech such as artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, big data analytics and blockchain.


We understand the accuracy and confidentiality required by national militaries, private military companies and contractors. We provide our clients with technically-savvy translation services protected by strict security and data privacy tools and protocols to ensure maximum discretion.


We believe that good governance relies on equally good communication. Our government translation services help get information across the way it’s intended whether it’s a detailed trade agreement or a new diplomatic initiative.

Legal Service

Our certified legal translators understand the nuance of the language used in Law. We’ve provided accurate and error-free legal translation services to various firms and practices around the world.


The e-commerce industry is continuously growing by leaps and bounds and Tomedes is at the forefront of enabling digital businesses to bring their goods and services to more people around the world through e-commerce translation services.


The Internet has become a useful platform for education through e-learning efforts. From short online courses to full degree programs, our professionals are able to translate modules, textbooks, lectures and other educational materials helping make education available to more people.

Luxury Brands

We are no stranger to refined language. Tomedes has years of experience in translating sales presentations and marketing communications for some of the world’s greatest luxury brands in different industries including high fashion, luxury automotive and hospitality.


We have a lengthy professional relationship with the manufacturing industry. As the supply chain becomes more and more global, our translation services help build cross-border connections between brands and suppliers.



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