XTM Live Translation Technology Summit 2020 - Silicon Valley

California, USA, | 2020-03-19 - 2020-03-20

What is XTM Live?

XTM International is a software company that provides top of the line translation technologies and tools to language and localization professionals and vendors. 

XTM Live is a series of annual conferences hosted by XTM International which they provide professionals and representatives from the language and localization industry an environment to stay update to date with industry’s best practices and the latest developments in translation technology and tools. XTM Live regularly attracts localization professionals from a multitude of global industries; marketing, manufacturing, life-science, automotive, retail, etc.

Previous XTM Live events have been previously held in the following cities; San Mateo, Amsterdam, Boston, and London. For 2020’s venue, XTM could not have chosen a more fitting place other than Silicon Valley; a regional hub for the world’s leading innovators.

What Can Attendees Expect?

Mimicking the format of previous XTM Live events, 2020’s two-day event will also feature presentations, panel discussions, and even one-on-one meetings as outlined on the event’s official website. Their website also outlines an exciting list of topics to be discussed in detail for 2020's event; 
- Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
Workflow automation
Continuous localization 
In-context review
Translation quality. 

An event like this is a perfect chance for attendees to enrich their professional connections by grabbing the chance to network with other language and localization professionals, including industry leaders and representatives. Apart from the event’s inspiring presentation and discussions, attendees can enrich their conference experience by taking a page or two from other attendees’ insights and unique experiences. 

Venue Information & Complete Address

The event will be held at the Pullman San Francisco Bay Hotel.
Pullman San Francisco Bay
223 Twin Dolphin Dr. 
Redwood City, CA 94065
United States

For more information about the event, registration process, and event fees, click here; 

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