WordCon 2017 - Freelancer's International Conference

The Sonnet, Calcutta, India, India, | 2017-02-09 - 2017-02-09

Wordcon is a movement to study, track and shape the evolution of Contemporary Evolution of Work. The Future of Work (and hence business) will profoundly shape and change the way we work and enjoy the fruits of our work.

Our tribe includes those who are

  • Free from cubicle nation (and a boss)
  • Free from having a fixed employer but having a string of patrons, clients and customers
  • Trying to be free from transactional friction of work
  • Building subtle and creative assets that will continue to create value even after they have gone (books, products, investing on being educated and educating others – to be a philosopher’s stone)
  • Those who are futuristic and not future-challenged
  • Those who know the sublime value of being time-rich (and the sublime mistake of trying to be cash-rich alone)
  • Those who are careful of their health
  • Those who recognize and value higher purpose of life and refection of that purpose in their work

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