Ukranian Translation Industry Camp (UTICamp) 2020 - Ukraine

Dnipro, Ukraine, | 2020-07-20 - 2020-07-26

What is the UTICamp?

The Ukranian Translation Industry Camp is one of the largest translation and localization industry events in the whole of Ukraine. It was previously structured in a traditional setting and was labelled as UTIC (Ukranian Translation Industry Conference). However, the organizers wanted to provide a different experience, thus giving birth to UTICamp. 

What ultimately marks UTICamp unique is that it has ditched traditional venues and the usual conference format with an outdoor experience. Attendees can combine their love for nature, campfires, and language and experience the best of these worlds under one event! 

Ever since its debut, UTICamp continues to be an annual success drawing in language professionals, including CEOs, industry leaders, and many more connected with the translation and localization industry. Although it has been and will still be held in Ukraine, UTICamp is a truly international event that draws in attendees from all over the world. 

Another thing that marks UTICamp unique is that attendees can bring their family members and share the outdoor conference experience with them. The venue features leisure and activity areas where children and family members can pass the time and even participate in specially organized programs for them while attendees are occupied. 

What Can Attendees Expect?

The entire conference experience will last a full week from July 20-26. Attendees can customize their conference experience by choosing between separate tracks with each specializing in different topics (outlined below). Attendees can choose to attend a single track or choose the full conference experience by picking all three tracks. The conference will feature exciting presentations and panel discussions, along with career-changing training sessions and masterclasses. 

Speakers are expected to present topics in the following categories: 
1. Art of Translation & Interpreting - For interpreters, freelance and in-house translators. Speakers will discuss relevant issues and practices associated with the translation and interpreting such as editing, client communication, standards, etc. 
2. Business of Translations, and Technology and Localization - For translation companies and representatives. This track will focus on the topics on company management. 
3. Technology -  For attendees interesting in the latest developments and technologies in the translation industry such as machine translation, AI, softwarre, technical equipment, etc. 

To complement these professional activities are networking activities designed to take full advantage of what the campsite, its amenities, and the surrounding environment has to offer. Attendees and their family members will get to enjoy musical performances, leisure and recreational activities, sightseeing trips, bonfires, etc. 

Venue Information & Complete Address

The conference will be held at the children's recreational camp Meteorite which is located 43 kilometers outside Dnipro, Ukraine. 

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