Twenty-Ninth International Conference on Learning: Intercultural Learning in Plurilingual Contexts

University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, | 2022-07-13 - 2022-07-15

Intended Audience


The Learner Research Network is the one organizing the Twenty-Ninth International Conference on Learning. The special focus of this year’s iteration of the conference is Intercultural Learning in Plurilingual Contexts. As such, the conference is open to educators and students, particularly those who are in a multilingual setting.


What Can You Expect?


Since being founded in 1989, The Learner Research Network has been advocating for learning at all levels, using all the platforms available. They have organized the International Conference on Learning and for its twenty-ninth version, they have chosen multilingual learning as a theme. This is a timely choice since the world is rapidly becoming smaller because of globalization and learning a new language has become easier than ever. 


The conference is scheduled as a blended event. Participants can choose to register for the in-person or for the online versions of the conference. The Plenary speakers for the conference are:


  • Fernando Trujillo Sáez,  Lecturer, Department of Language and Literature Didactics, University of Granada, Spain
  • Eva Morón Olivares, Professor, Department of Language and Literature, University of Valencia, Spain
  • ​Kristi Jauregi-Ondarra, Associate Professor, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands


The blended conference model seeks to maximize the number of people who can participate.




The conference will be focusing on the following themes:


  • Theme 1: Pedagogy and Curriculum 
  • Theme 2: Assessment and Evaluation 
  • Theme 3: Educational Organization and Leadership 
  • Theme 4: Early Childhood Learning 
  • Theme 5: Learning in Higher Education 
  • Theme 6: Adult, Community, and Professional Learning  
  • Theme 7: Learner Diversity and Identities 
  • Theme 8: Technologies in Learning 
  • Theme 9: Literacies Learning 
  • Theme 10: Science, Mathematics, and Technology 


Twenty-Ninth International Conference on Learning: Intercultural Learning in Plurilingual Contexts


When: July 13–15, 2022


Where:  University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain



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