Translation Technology Summer School

Antwerp, Belgium, | 2019-09-02 - 2019-09-06

Ever went to a summer school? You might think this would be one of those remedial classes you should take when you flunk chemistry or an AP class on molecular biology, make no mistake this type is quite a little of both, wherein you hone your skills and learn the latest trends and developments in today’s translation industry thus translating to an overall development in your career. One can even say that it is more similar to an advance class wherein you will be trained or educated in a topic that is not included in the curriculum of your current grade level in turn earning you credits for that college application or one might assume that it is for those who have no background in translation and localization and would like to enter the field. Nonetheless, the translation industry is earning more demand as more countries are going global, it would be best for you to improve and learn to navigate multiple platforms and diversify your current skillset, this would then earn you credits for that translation project you are eyeing to get involved in.

The 4th International Summer School in Translation Technology is organized by KU Leuven, a university that is ranked among the top 50 in the world. It will be held on the 2nd to the 6th of September at Antwerp, Belgium. This conference aims to accommodate those who are just starting in the translation and localization industry. As such, if you are still having trouble navigating those tools, determining the best platforms and having difficulties tackling the issues in today’s translation world then this is the conference for you!

As per the conference’s website, they will be discussing the following topics:

-Terminology management and corpus query                

-Speech recognition

-Language strategies for large organizations                

-Project management

-Training the trainers of translation technology               

-Software, website & games localization

-Machine translation and post-editing                              

-Translation quality evaluation

-Marketing your translation services                                 

-Computer-assisted translation tools

-Technical communication                                                 

-Audiovisual translation

If you would like to learn more on the topics listed above, going to this conference is highly recommended. For more information please see website below.


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