Translation Industry Conference

Cordoba, Argentina, | 2019-09-14 - 2019-09-15

Translated in Argentina is the pioneering not for profit translation association in Argentina, whose goal is to promote the language industry in the area by providing training, awareness and the resources necessary to improve the overall environment of the local industry. They also ease the introduction of information, technology and facilitate various workshops and seminars.

They maintain constant contact to a number of local and international organizations to ensure that the flow of information and best practices is stable, thus, boosting the overall synergy between various institutions. They are also considered as one of the main channels for business where projects are easily accessible.

The 2nd Translation Industry Conference will be held in Cordoba, Argentina. Everyone who is associated in the language industry are invited to join, where the latest trends are going to be discussed. The conference also aims to educate and share new knowledge and innovations within the industry.

According to the conference’s website they are encouraging submissions in the following topics.

-Audio Description

-Quality (Metrics, Quality Control, Automation, etc.)

-Neutral Spanish

-Content Creation

-Project Management

-Translation Tools

-Artificial Intelligence


-Clear Language

-Inclusive Language

-Marketing for Translators

-Industry Future Perspectives and the Impact in Our Region


-Audiovisual Translations

-Machine Translation and Post-editing


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