Translation In Transition

Prague, Czech Republic, | 2022-09-22 - 2022-09-23

What Is This Conference About?


The conference is a continuation of the well-established Translation in Transition series that serves as a meeting point for scholars conducting research in translation based on an empirical methodological paradigm.


Previous conferences were held in Copenhagen, Germersheim, Ghent, Barcelona, and Kent (Ohio).


The 2022 Prague edition wants to put special emphasis on three main directions: organizers would like to draw on the vast resources of the Czech National Corpus (including InterCorp, a large multilingual parallel corpus), and concentrate on the methodological interplay between translation studies and contrastive linguistics.


At the same time, prominence will be given to machine translation, as Prague is one of its international centers.


What Can You Expect?


Participants and attendees can attend workshops and lectures on a variety of topics related to both machine and human translation, including corpus-based and corpus-driven methodology in multilingual corpora, and models and methods in translation studies and contrastive linguistics.


More topics will include:


  • Register/genre variation in multilingual corpora
  • Specific features of translation seen through parallel/comparable corpora
  • Translation in specific settings: between close languages, from a third language, non-native translation, translation corpora in EU institutions, etc.
  • Spoken language in translation and corpora
  • The use of corpora in translator/interpreter training
  • The use of corpora in translation quality assessment
  • Machine translation: analysis of neural MT models, selection and preparation of data for MT, ‘translationese’ in MT
  • Manual and automatic methods for evaluating translation quality and MT suitability for post-editing
  • The communicative aspect of studying translation: the communication chain from sender to final recipient

And much more.

Translation In Transition 2022

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

When: 22-23 September 2022


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