Translation In Exile: Motives, Effects And Functions

Vienna, Austria, | 2022-07-07 - 2022-07-09

What Is This Event About?


The Exil:Trans research project is dedicated to systematic research of translators forced into exile due to Nazi persecution.


The translational practice of the individuals in focus is diverse and complex, especially with regard to connections between the struggles of exile & language translation.

Flight and exile can mean many things to different people.

It can be the beginning, interruption or end of translational activity as working languages and forms of collaboration can change, while sometimes translation takes place but remains unpublished.

Previous Exil:Trans conferences have covered and compared places of exile and translational action and focused on networks and institutions of translators in exile.


What Can You Expect?

Building on this knowledge of translators’ biographies and the conditions of translation in exile, the project seeks to draw more general conclusions about translation in exile.

This third conference, to which attendees are cordially invited, is therefore dedicated to the motives, effects and functions of translation under the conditions of exile.

The motives out of which translation occurs are manifold and go above and beyond the mere overcoming of linguistic and cultural barriers, because they shape the translation process and the translation product.

Therefore, the motives as well as the effects and functions of translation in the context of exile shall be studied, compared and distinguished from each other.


Exil:Trans 22


Where: Vienna, Austria


When: 7-9 July, 2022



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