1st International Conference: Translating Minorities and Conflict in Literature 2020 - Spain

Córdoba, Spain, | 2020-06-10 - 2020-06-10

What is the Translating Minorities and Conflict in Literature Conference?

The University of Cordoba is hosting a unique academic-oriented conference that aims to highlight the role of literature translation in giving recognition to minority languages under the context of social inequality and conflict. The conference will not only suit academics specializing in translation, literature, and linguistics but also translators and other language professionals who can learn much from the conference's focus 

This conference will serve as the ideal forum for academics and language professionals alike to contemplate about a world where mainstream languages are championed. Meanwhile, minority languages are sidelined with some even facing extinction due to the forces of globalization along with political, cultural, and societal pressures, and also climate change. The responsibility to protect and empower minority languages couldn’t be more pressing as it has ever been.     

What Can Attendees Expect?

Being a purely academic conference, the conference will primarily feature presentations and discussions. As outlined on the event’s website, the organizers are welcoming papers focusing on the following topics; 
- Translation from/into indigenous languages
- Literary translation and sexual minorities
- Translation in Gendered Contexts
- Migrant literature
- Postcolonial literature
- Translation from peripheral languages and cultures
- Translation in situations of censorship and war
- The literary translator as an activist|
- The manipulation of national images through translation

The organizers have also confirmed two keynote speakers;  
1. Maria Tymoczko - Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts Amherst.
2. Loredana Polezzi - Professor of Translation Studies, Cardiff University; President, International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS).

Venue Information & Complete Address

The conference will be held at the University of Cordoba located in Cordoba, Spain 

Av. de Medina Azahara, 5
14071 Córdoba

For more information about the event, registration process, and event fees, click here; 


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