TRANSIUS Legal Conference

Geneva, Switzerland, | 2022-06-27 - 2022-06-29

What Is This Event?


The Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (Transius) is sure to be one of the premier legal linguistics events this year.


Held in direct cooperation with IAMLADP’s Universities Contact Group (UCG), the conference will offer a forum for rich dialogue between scholars and practitioners who have a common interest in legal translation and institutional translation settings more generally. 


The 2022 conference will combine several keynote lectures by credentialed scholars, parallel paper presentations, a poster session and engaging thematic roundtables.


All participants, from high-level experts to translation trainees, can benefit from this opportunity for exchange of experiences.


Those attending can expect contributions from the following variety of themes: 


  • Problems, methods and competence in legal translation, including comparative legal analysis and legal hermeneutics for translation
  • Terminological issues in legal and institutional translation
  • The use of corpora and computer tools for legal and institutional translation practice, training and research
  • Sociological and ethical issues in legal and institutional translation
  • Developments and implications of institutional policies of translation and multilingual drafting
  • Thematic specialization in institutional translation (technical, scientific, financial, etc.)

More topics for lecture and discussion will include an array of subjects such as translation quality control, court translation and interpreting, as well as legal and institutional translator training.

Who Are Some Of The Keynote Presenters?

  • Jeffrey A. KILLMAN (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Jeffrey Killman is an associate professor of Spanish at UNC Charlotte, where he teaches a range of topics including legal translation, scientific and technical translation, translation technologies, and translation theory.

  • Anne Lise KJÆR (University of Copenhagen)

Anne Lise KJÆR’s field of expertise is legal linguistics (Law and Language) and her principal research interests include legal language and translation, comparative law, legal cultures, and multilingual legal interpretation.

Her current research aims at developing cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of legal integration in Europe, combining theories of language, discourse, culture, and law.


  • Anne LAFEBER (United Nations)

Anne Lafeber holds a B.A./M.A. from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and a Diploma in Interpreting from Centro de Estudios de Traducción e Interpretación, Caracas, Venezuela.

She has over twenty years' experience working as a translator and reviser, mainly in Latin America, where she also taught translation modules at Universidad de las Américas - Puebla, in Mexico and Université de Genève, in Switzerland.

Since 2008 she has been a full-time staff translator of the United Nations Secretariat and is currently serving as a reviser in the English Translation Service at United Nations Headquarters in New York, where she is also involved in recruitment testing and outreach to universities.

TRANSIUS Conference

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Date: 27-29 June, 2022


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