The Polyglot Gathering

Live in Teresin, Poland, | 2022-04-28 - 2022-05-01

What Is It?


The Polyglot Gathering is the world’s largest international event for polyglots and language lovers.


Fully packed with awesome seminars and presentations, spontaneous lightning talks, rich cultural activities and a fun social program, this is sure to be one of the best language events in 2022.


During the Gathering, participants have many opportunities to share their love of the spoken or written word and exercise their passion for cultures and languages, share tips and experiences, and, most importantly, use and practice languages to discuss, listen, learn, and socialize.


The Polyglot Gathering has something for everyone, including students, professors and teachers, enthusiasts, novice speakers, translation service providers, linguists and educators. 


What Can You Expect?


Prior attendees have had glowing praise for the Polyglot Gathering, reporting that the event had a great impact on their life.


One participant said she found it wonderful to be surrounded by people with different backgrounds who all shared similar interests and offered ample encouragement.


By attending the Gathering, one can expect to hear fascinating talks, run into old friends in language practice rooms, and make new friends during language-focused social activities. 


You may be asking, how many languages do you have to speak to attend?


Just one, your native tongue.


The Polyglot Gathering is open to one and all, and even if you are not bilingual or multilingual you are more than welcome to participate.


Simply put, if you have any interest in learning languages at all then this event is right for you.


Whether you want to learn or share a language that has a major global footprint like Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic or English, or if you are more interested in picking up a rarer language or dialect such as Telugu, Basque, or Nepalese, there’s something here for everyone.


Everyone will wear a nametag with all the languages they wish to learn or speak, making this event spontaneous, spur of the moment, and dynamically creative.


The Polyglot Gathering


Online 28 April - May1 2022


Live in Teresin, Poland 1-6 June 2022



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