TAUS QE Summit Dublin 2018

Dublin, Ireland, Ireland, | 2018-04-11 - 2018-04-11

Theme of TAUS QE Summits 2018
If there is one thing we have learned after twelve TAUS QE Summits in the past six years, it is that a thing like absolute quality does not exist. DQF lies at the source of a dynamic approach to quality in translation. More and more buyers and providers are adopting DQF and the practice of selecting the most suitable set of error categories for the evaluation of different content types. The adoption and usage of DQF now leads to a new dimension and meaning of the ‘D’ in DQF, and that is called: “Decentralization”.

Introducing DQF organization-wide and throughout widespread supply chains as a protocol for quality evaluation opens the opportunity of decentralizing quality evaluation. Some enthusiastic users already referred to DQF as a blockchain technology, because of DQF’s potential to decentralize  and automate the transactional and administrative activities surrounding quality evaluation while ensuring security and trust.

The truth of the matter is that technologies sometimes go at a faster pace than we as humans and organizations can keep up to. At the TAUS QE Summits this year we therefore zoom in on the people, organizations and the platforms and workflows they are operating on. Are we ready to come down from our ivory towers and put our trust in the power of distributed work forces?

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