TAUS Industry Leader's Forum

Girona, Spain, Spain, | 2017-06-12 - 2017-06-13

Unique Industry Leaders Meeting

The TAUS Industry Leaders Forum is a unique gathering of around 60 directors of internationalization or globalization from global corporations and successful technology start-up companies, meeting with the owners and entrepreneurs from language service and technology provider companies. Their shared interest is to address common issues and challenges they face in creating more efficient translation processes.

Flow and overview of the program

For the past months, TAUS has been working on a consultation with the global translation industry with the aim to come up with an industry agenda for the next five years. Following the 3-day brainstorming meeting "Industry Summit" in Amsterdam on 22-24 March 2017, we're zooming in further on six main themes at the Industry Leaders Forum in Girona. These themes are described under the Call for Proposal tab. We invite you to submit your proposals to discuss your experiences and ideas, share use cases or best practices under these six themes. 

Guiding the Industry

The translation industry is poised on the cusp of a major expansion. The technology and formats for creating and consuming translation are evolving faster than ever. To achieve control instead of chaos, we need a shared industry focus on metrics, business models and interoperability. It’s up to the industry leaders to work together and pave the way for a maturing global translation industry. The objectives of the Industry Leaders Forum are to lay out strategies, raise awareness of industry dynamics and where possible agree to share and take collaborative actions.


Registration for the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum in Dublin is now open. Cost for registration is €2,700 for non-members and €1,350 for TAUS members. We advise you to register as early as possible.

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