TAUS Massively Multilingual Expo and Conference

San Jose, California, United States, | 2022-10-11 - 2022-10-13

What Is This About?


TAUS has continually delivered engaging and enlightening events over the years, so this year's Massively Multilingual Expo and Conference is sure to deliver the goods.


For every expo, webinar, or conference they organize, TAUS brings together individuals from the top echelon of the global content industry, including executives who make transformative decisions and manage dedicated localizer teams.


These events offer excellent opportunities to build new connections and influence the translation services industry ecosystem.


The TAUS Massively Multilingual Conference and Expo is expecting an exclusive audience of around 150-200 people, representing the following constituencies:


  • Buyers and owners of global content (40%).
  • Global content and language service providers (40%).
  • Technology and solution providers (10%).
  • Translators (3%).
  • Government bodies and NGOs (3%).
  • Consultants, academia, analysts, press (4%).


What Can You Expect?


Attendees of this expo and conference can expect ample discourse on the arrival of the long-expected digital revolution, covering subjects such as automatic translation and the shifting economics of the translation sector.


Can we expect translation and interpreting services to become near-zero marginal cost types of industries?


Once the right infrastructure is in place, and AI is fed with top-quality and enough volumes of data, the production of translation will theoretically cost next to nothing and capacity can become infinite.

For decades linguists, translators, and interpretation quality managers have labored arduously to polish their work in order to satisfy their customer base.


Thus the translation industry is sitting on a wealth of data that is crucial to solving core AI problems, which puts this topic in a wider economic context of world- and future-readiness, giving professionals and academics a glimpse of where new business opportunities might be opening up for the translation and interpretation sector.


Thanks to TAUS, anyone attending this bespoke and rare event will emerge equipped with updated tools for business, project management and machine translation adoption.


TAUS Massively Multilingual Expo and Conference


11-13 October, 2022


San Jose, California, USA


Registration: https://www.taus.net/events/conferences/120-taus-massively-multilingual-conference-expo-2022

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