Shakespeare, Austen, And Audiovisual Translation: The Classics Translated On Screen Roma

Sapienza Universita Di Roma, Italy, | 2022-06-30 - 2022-07-02

What Is This Event About?


Both Jane Austen and William Shakespeare’s works have taken on lives of their own long after the historical eras during which they were produced.


With numerous film adaptations and televised versions of their plays and novels, these two recognizable names have made a great impact on arts and culture.


This unique cultural and academic conference will address how the classic works of these two icons have often been neglected in fields of studies focusing on Audio VIsual Translation (AVT), which instead often address contemporary TV series, video games, and movies.


What Can You Expect By Attending?


Topics covered over the course of this enriching event will include varying subjects relevant to the fields of translation and interpretation, such as subtitling, dubbing, and voiceover.


More engaging speakers and workshops will cover a diverse array of specialized and general  fields, including:


  • subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH);
  • audio description;
  • accessibility and new technologies in Audio Visual Translation;
  • censorship and ideological manipulation in AVT;
  • AVT as a pedagogical tool for language teaching and learning;
  • gender studies in AVT;
  • reception and perception studies in AVT;
  • historical and genetic studies in AVT;
  • all linguistic approaches to AVT with special relevance to the analysis of standard and nonstandard language varieties. 

For a unique cultural and historical experience within the context of linguistics studies and media translation services, scholars and industry professionals alike will benefit by participating.


Date: 30 June-2 July 2022


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