Project Managers Round Table - The Localization Institute

Berkeley, California, USA, USA, | 2018-05-21 - 2018-05-23

Promote a better understanding of the localization project management environment on both sides of the industry
Create a channel of open communication for project managers to discuss specific issues of localization project management outside the client-vendor relationship
Discuss the dynamics of the localization activities on the client and vendor sides
Peer-to-peer exchange of ideas
Sharing of experiences
Frank and free discussions of issues confronting the industry
Evaluation of recent developments
What happens at the Round Table?
Most Round Table attendees have three or more years of experience in localization project management. As a result, presentations and discussions deal with advanced topics. The format of the Localization Project Managers Round Table relies on short presentations, some of them impromptu, followed by extensive discussions involving as many attendees as possible.

An Advisory Board has been organized to assist in the creation of an agenda and to facilitate the topics and presentations that will compose the 2017 Localization Project Managers Round Table. Willem Stoeller (PMP and Round Table Leader) will chair the Advisory Board. Photos and bios of the Advisory Board members are included further down this page.

To ensure that topics for the Round Table are as relevant as possible to those participating, we are keeping an open session on the last day of the event. The topics for this open session will be determined by the attendees, who will be able to contribute their proposed topics throughout the event.

The Round Table’s success depends on people being willing to share information and experiences freely. To encourage that, no formal minutes or records are kept or published. Attendees are free to keep their own notes.

Discussion of localization prices and details of vendor contracts is not permitted.

This Project Managers Round Table will be held on May 21-23, 2018 at the beautiful University of California Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California.

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