Project Manager's Round Table 2019

Berkeley, California, USA, | 2019-05-28 - 2019-05-30

Localization in a linguistic sense is the adaptation of products and services to different languages to suit various cultures and environments. The Localization Institute started back in 1996 to aid what was then a developing industry, they provided training and opportunities to learn to numerous individuals and companies.

The Institute arranges meetings and conferences on a public and private scale, for companies and individuals to efficiently provide localization services. They also give certifications for Localization Project Management, Global Branding and Marketing and Global Digital Marketing and Localization.

This May they will be conducting a Project Manager's Round Table in Berkely to foster the growth and improve the skill set of its attendees by having them engage in fruitful discussion on issues concerning the industry. The institute also wants to share its expertise and insights on project management to both consumers and providers of the service.

The event will be taking place at the University of California, Berkeley's Clark Kerr Campus. The 3 day event will tackle concerns from small localization projects to global market scale project management for large companies.

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