NZSTI Conference - The Joy Of Language

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-07-30 - 2022-07-31

What Is This Event About?


The theme of this year’s NZSTI Conference is ‘the joy of language’, and how professionals in the translation and interpretation industries or academic fields can rekindle the magic of working with languages.


Presenters will share their methods of working, networking, techniques, plans, and experiences that can help you. The conference will provide a thriving venue where you can share your own wealth of knowledge with others.


Including talks, workshops, panel discussions, and plenty of networking opportunities, NZSTI 2022 will enable attendees and participants to:

  • connect with like-minded colleagues and expand professional networks
  • explore insights from academic translation and interpreting studies and cutting-edge linguistic industry trends
  • develop skills and add value to business or studies


What Can You Expect?

Topics to be addressed at this year's event will include how the joy of language is experienced, as well as how language professionals and bilingual or multilingual people experience the world differently.

Some more engaging ideas that this conference will explore are:

  • Is translation an art or a science? Do you find joy in both approaches?
  • How do we convey to clients the value of investing in language services?
  • How can we successfully market ourselves and/or promote our profession?
  • How can we organize our day so we have time to enjoy our work? (i.e. organizational tools, harnessing technology, outsourcing, mindset, mindfulness)
  • Passion vs profession: how does the way we view and describe our work affect how it’s valued by clients and the general public?

With so many fascinating opportunities to learn, expand skills, and network with like-minded language professionals, NZSTI 2022 is sure to offer something for everyone.

NZSTI 2022

The Joy Of Language

Where: Online

When: 30-31 July 2022


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