NTIF 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden, | 2019-11-24 - 2019-11-26

Nordic languages or “North Germanic languages”, are a group of languages mainly spoken in northern Europe and the north Atlantic. The languages include the following: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Faroese and the rare language Elfdalian.  Some of these languages were even directly derived from Old Norse, a language dating back to the age of Vikings.

The Nordic Translation Industry Forum or NTIF is a translation forum that helps translators and language professionals to access platforms, tools and various technologies for them to stay ahead in this constantly evolving industry. Given that the forum gives emphasis to Nordic languages, you will be able to obtain industry specific insights, which may only be exclusive to the forum, while learning how to deal with translation projects that are offered globally. This will also give translators and language professionals the chance to find employers and develop lasting connections amongst their peers.

Looking at the remarks of the previous participants, this forum is absolutely worth going to. Aside from the skills and insights waiting to be learned and obtained, you will definitely be indulged by the quality of hospitality the hosts offers. With delightful food and worthwhile talks, this forum will truly be a fruitful experience.

To summarize, the event will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden from the 24th to the 26th of November. Get ready to experience an event that will not only be good for your career development but also offers an enjoyable and relaxing way to unwind and meet new people.

For more information please visit the website below.

Source: https://ntif.se/

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