NeMLA's 53rd Annual Convention

Baltimore, Maryland, United States, | 2022-03-10 - 2022-03-13

What is NeMLA's 53rd Annual Convention?

Last year, Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) annual convention discussed traditions evolving in an ever-changing world and how humanities grappled to address this. This NeMLA's 53rd Annual Conference will be focusing on the theme of CARE. It will discuss the practice of CARE in interdependency and issues regarding the vulnerabilities in humans, animals, and other organisms. This event will also talk about migration, environment, identity, and representation issues.

What Can Attendees Expect from the Event?

This is a 3-day conference which will have Valeria Luiselli, an acclaimed writer and the author of the prize-winning novel: "Lost Children Archive," as our opening event speaker. This event will also have Prof. Judith Butler, one of the most important American philosophers and gender theorists, as the keynote speaker of this event. 


As mentioned, this event will focus on the concept of CARE. It will examine Empathy, Vulnerability, DisAbility and Care, Romantic Caring, Care in Queer Communities, Uses and Misuses of Care, Technologies of Care, Eco-ethical care, Mindfulness, Maternal Care, and Interdependence.


Attendees can expect that this event will discuss CARE practices and the dynamics involved in aiding, supporting, and providing provision amidst trauma and the current global pandemic. It will also explore the human experience through this theme and how it can be perceived through the lens of academia and humanities. 

Venue Information & Complete Address 

John Hopkins University will host this year's event. It will take place on March 10-13, 2022, and it will start every 7 PM local time. 


Unlike last year, in which the event was available online. NeMLA's 53rd Annual Convention event will occur at a physical location. It will take place at a hotel, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, in Baltimore, Maryland. 

For more information about the conference, the registration process, and more, click on this link.

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