Museums as Spaces of Cultural Translation and Transfer

University of Tartu, Estonia, | 2022-05-10 - 2022-05-11

About This Culturally Enriching Event


The University of Tartu, Ghent University, and the European Union Development Fund have been kind enough to organize this event about how museums can serve as potential venues of cultural translation and transformation.


Anyone who has browsed the exhibited artifacts or artwork of both contemporary and historical museums will agree that such environments provide places where we discover new ways of looking at the world, through languages, symbols, and creative expression.


Tomedes appreciates the opportunity to call attention to such a significant event in the realm of language translation services and cultural outreach.


What Can You Expect From This Event?


This interdisciplinary conference includes topics of discussion such as translation studies, museum studies, and various cultural studies.


The intent of this Museums As Spaces event is to facilitate dialogue between disciplines and languages while also fostering networks between theoretical and practitioner-based research. 


Both academic linguists and translation services professionals alike will appreciate this event and find inspiration in how museums exist as ‘contact zones’ between cultures, providing places where interlingualism is by nature integrated into daily operations.


What Can You Learn By Attending?


Questions that will be answered for attendees include:


  • How are concepts such as ‘translation’ and ‘transfer’ reflected in museum practices?
  • How do translation policies and practices differ according to the type of museum?
  • What are the roles of different stakeholders and agents in museum operation, including curators, historians, and translators?
  • How are cultures and communities imagined or reimagined in museum exhibits?
  • How can museums assess the impact of digital space and hybrid exhibition models for museum management practices?


This rare event in the realm of language translation and interpretation is sure to broaden the horizons of any industry professional in either the private or public sector.


Event Information


Dates: 10-11 May 2022

Location: Tartu, Estonia


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