MultilingualBIO: Multilingual Biomedical Text Processing

Miyazaki, Japan, Japan, | 2018-05-08 - 2018-05-08

MultilingualBIO: Multilingual Biomedical Text Processing
Workshop @ LREC 2018 Miyazaki (Japan), 8th May 2018
The workshop goal is to promote synergies between the clinical/biomedical language processing communities and the Machine Translation community. This should be achieved by focussing on research topics of common interest for these two communities, in particular the extraction, representation, interoperability and integration of specialised multilingual resources and the development of novel tools to overcome serious limitations of coverage of non-English lexical sources and components. We expect that the outcome of this workshop will accelerate the development of innovative ways that empower improved access, analysis and integration of healthcare-relevant information from heterogeneous content types, including electronic health records, medical literature, clinical trials, medical agency reports or social media. This event can be viewed as a unique opportunity to promote the development of multilingual biomedical text processing infrastructures, exploring the use of machine translation methodologies for tasks like medical named entity recognition or clinical concept indexing in languages other than English.

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