Monterey Forum 2019

Monterey, California, USA, | 2019-05-04 - 2019-05-05

The Middlebury Insitute of International Studies at Monterey hosts one of the leading forums on translation and interpretation. Known for its exceptional master of arts program in translation, translation and interpretation and master of arts in conference interpretation, the institute will launch its 7th biennial event this May. . 

The biennial event started back in 2007 aiming to provide a forum for students from various universities to connect with alumni and other business owners, providing opportunities for both parties on employment and education. The event also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the translation and interpretation program. The event is open to the public, all translators and language professionals from across the globe are encouraged to attend.

The theme of the forum is "Translation, Interpretation, and Localization: Mitigating Risks in a Rapidly Changing World". The forum aims to discuss the current trends in translation, and the evolving landscape of the whole translation and interpretation industry. 

This forum also talks about the various risk translators and interpreters face in today's industry. It is also a great event to check out the global leaders in the field.

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