METM22 - Mediterranean Editors and Translators

San Sebastian, Spain, | 2022-10-13 - 2022-10-15

What Is This Conference About?


After moving online in 2021, METM is back this year for a live, in-person annual meeting.


Now in its 18th year, METM is a calendar highlight for editors, translators, interpreters and other language consultants not only around the Mediterranean but also from around the world.


The theme of this year’s meeting is the personal touch.


At MEM22, participants will explore how human interaction and skills contribute to shaping the work experience for language professionals, as well as how industry professionals have been nurturing business partnerships and improving services during the pandemic.


This event will also focus on sharing experiences in translating or interpreting minority languages, in a nod to the conference host city San Sebastian, where Basque is commonly spoken in lieu of Spanish.


San Sebastian is a city rich in history, once having been renowned as a sophisticated summer residence during the famed Belle Époque period.


Today the city is modern, diverse, and vibrant, lauded for urban beaches, natural beauty, and gastronomic innovation.


What Can You Expect?

If prior METM events are any indicator, this year’s meeting is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, with a host of engaging seminars, networking opportunities, and workshops, all in the picturesque city of San Sebastian.


Here’s some feedback for last year’s event, METM21:

  • "As always with MET events, you did a really great job of fostering a supportive and relaxed atmosphere."
  • "It was the slickest I have seen for an online conference and it was thoughtful to have a selection of MCs and plenty of others on hand to help out."
  • "The technology worked superbly. I loved the coffee breaks on Wonder as well, brilliant!"
  • "The presentation of the talks was incredibly smooth. Interaction between the excellent MCs and the speakers was seamless. The talks themselves were top quality."
  • "Some of the presentations actually lent themselves extremely well to an online format. I especially liked the Editors café with the presenters talking and a parallel commentary happening on the chat." 
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed dipping into bits of sessions at #METM21 today. A huge well done to @METMeetings for organizing such an interesting conference."

If participants enjoyed last’ year’s online conference that much, you can be sure to enjoy METM’s return to a live, in-person event format.


San Sebastian, Spain

13-15 October, 2022


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