Meet Central Europe 2019

Prague, Czech Republic, | 2019-10-10 - 2019-10-11

Meet Central Europe 2019 is an event that is made possible by the collaboration of the Austrian, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak national translation associations. This event is set to be held in the beautiful city of Prague in Czech Republic, known for its picturesque old city landscape, this event will surely be worthwhile just by the opportunity to get a hold of the city’s scenic view.

The event aims to provide resources for translators specifically those dealing with CEE languages. It also wishes to help freelance translators, vendors, LSP owners and project managers to find clients and conduct meaningful business within the conference.

Meet Central Europe 2019 will be held from the 10th to the 11th of October. Given that this event is supported and organized by four national LSP organizations, it will surely be a significant event to attend. It is also a great opportunity for those primarily dealing with central and eastern European languages as it will be greatly emphasized and thoroughly discussed in the conference.

Based on the conference’s website, they are also encouraging submissions in line with the theme “Inspiring vendor managers” that deals with best practices, innovative approaches, external managements and collaborations and case studies.

For more information please visit the website below.


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