Machine Translation Summit 2019

Dublin, Ireland, | 2019-08-19 - 2019-08-23

As time progresses, we are making strides in technology whether in AI, space exploration or medicine, technology is continually evolving. Among the technologies that are continuously developing is Machine Translation (MT). MT has been somewhat alarming to the human translation industry, imagine a trade that has been monopolized by humans can be replaced by a software or lines of codes. While it would be an exaggeration to think that MT would be replacing human translation soon, this has certainly crossed the minds of some translators. But rest assured, as feedbacks and reviews shows that the quality of translation work that are done by machine translations is still far from those done by humans, but the utilization of these tools have improved the efficiency of translators from over the world.

This conference is aimed for everyone in the translation industry as they have workshops and discussions set up for developers and translators. For developers, expect to see how the properties of machine translation software are developed. It would be also highly beneficial for translators to attend this event as they might get insights on how the integration of MT to the overall ecology of human translation work is properly done and how it might boost efficiency.

There are also plenty of tutorials and workshops that will be conducted in this four day event. The event will be held on the 19th to the 23rd of August at The Helix, Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland. The organizers also calling for submissions from translators, researchers, users and project managers.

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