LocWorld 47

Berlin, Germany, | 2022-07-11 - 2022-07-13

What Is This Conference?


LocWorld 47 promises to be a conference bringing fresh perspectives to the dynamic and quickly innovating field of localization, translation, and interpretation.


Often the simplest messages are the most difficult to get through, which is why the importance of localization is only increasing, no matter how much more increasingly and rapidly networked the world becomes.


For this reason, the power of tailoring translations, marketing, and communication to local audiences and demographics remains an imperative, which is why attending LocWorld 47 can empower industry professionals to take their translation services to the next level.


What Can You Expect?


Attendees can expect a variety of workshops and roundtables, to build their expertise and professional toolkits.


The main conference will include numerous specialized tracks, engaging presentations, speakers, and much more.


Knowledgeable and experienced presenters will deliver highly valued sessions pertaining to all aspects of the fields of language translation and interpretation. 


In the exhibition hall, called Solutions Square, there will be opportunities for participants to discover the latest linguistics tools and innovations.


The conference will also include its own native app so that attendees can network and build connections with other leading industry professionals with convenience and ease.


This is sure to be world-class learning and networking opportunity, right in the heart of Berlin, and is one of this year’s most promising events in the field of language translation.


LocWorld 47


Where: Berlin, Germany


When: July 11-13, 2022


Registration: https://locworld.com/events/locworld47-berlin-2022/

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