#LocFromHome Online Globalization Festival

Virtual, United States, | 2022-03-03 - 2022-03-03

What Is The #LocFromHome Online Globalization Festival?

#LocFromHome is an annual virtual conference for the growing translation and localization Industry. The translation industry is predicted to be a $3 billion industry, and now is the time to make the global movement. From its inception, #LocFromHome has focused on attracting the most elite speakers to share insightful strategies for the global transformation of any industry. Mario Plunzy, Localization Program Manager from Twitter will be a session moderator. The lineup includes companies Twitter, Netflix, Zendesk, Philips, PayPal, IKEA, and many others.

What Can Guests Expect?

The LocFromHome Online Globalization Festival is a full day of exciting speakers from many industries. Attendees include professionals from companies of every size, including multinational corporations, start-ups, and technology. Many attendees in these industries are seeking global expansion in their market, and this Festival is the right place to get there.


This full-day, 12-hour virtual Festival will feature speakers who are localization professionals from international companies, start-ups, and more,  who will share their expertise and knowledge. Their goal is to help attendees make new connections and find solutions for difficult challenges. Attendees can enter giveaways and participate in engaging quizzes, and everyone leaves with a prize. There will be so many insightful panels and one-to-one conversations, plus, guests can ask questions and engage with the speakers.

Their top three talks are “Global Trends for 2022 and How They Will Affect The Localization Industry” (Josef Kubovský),”Localization and Engineering: how to collaborate effectively” (Ketty Tirrito, Sirisha Neduri), and “Localization as part of UX Design” (Dulce Carillo). Be sure to check the complete schedule for many other intriguing lectures.

With live sessions guided by industry professionals, attendees will get powerful strategies, gain new insights, and hear remarkable stories of success. The goal of this Festival has always been to bring real-life stories and encourage speakers to share the blueprints that made them successful.

This online venue is for end-customers and language service providers (LSPs) from all over the world. Some of the dynamic speakers include Anna Golubeva (Ikea), Zachary Haitkin (Netflix), and Michal Antczak (Paypal, Ketty Tirrito (Zendesk), plus dozens of others.

From anywhere in the world, meet with your fellow colleagues, make new connections, and enjoy real-time discussions with speakers, all from the comfort of your couch. The Festival lasts 12 hours, so be sure to join and be part of the global community. It’s FREE!

Festival Information

Date: March 3, 2022

Time: 10 am UTC-10 pm UTC

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