Localization unconference Berlin

Berlin, Germany, Germany, | 2018-04-26 - 2018-04-28

The event will be divided into two tracks:

Track 1: Unconference 

On Thursday 26.04.2018 we will have an unconference (s. below) - this is particularly interesting for professionals working in localization who want to discuss the state of the industry. However everyone is invited to join in! 

Track 2: Translathon & Hackathon

On Friday 27.04.2018 and Saturday 28.04.2018 we will have two parallel programs, one for the language experts and one the hackers and coders. However, it will be possible to collaborate and work in teams to tackle some challenges in localization and languages in tech. You can work on all kinds of ideas (i.e. Natural language processing, NLP)

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