Localization Unconference - Dublin 2019

Dublin, Ireland, | 2019-10-18 - 2019-10-18

What is Localization Unconference?

Localization Unconference does not follow the standard format of a usual conference setting that everyone is familiar with. That means there are no sales pitches, minute-by-minute agenda, and no PowerPoint Presentations. 

Since 2008, Localization unconference has been hosting annual conferences worldwide in places such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, and also Dublin. Now, the organizers are proud to bring the event back to Dublin once more.

What can attendees expect at the Localization Unconference?

As a one-day event, attendees will discuss the latest issues and questions relevant to the field of localization. Since there is no strict agenda, the topics for discussion are actually decided on the day via Slido and attendees can upvote questions or topics that they like.

Once the topics have been decided, as said earlier, there are no PowerPoint presentations. The whole event is entirely participant-driven. Which means you get to decide how you want your Localization Unconference experience to be. The ultimate goal is to create an amiable and casual atmosphere for the attendees and to foster life-long partnerships between colleagues.

Most importantly, the event is free! Absolutely no payment upon registration whatsoever!

The event will run from 9:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M


Complete Address

Talent Garden Dublin
Claremont Avenue

For more information about the event and registration process, please click the link below;


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