Localization Spring School 2022

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-05-02 - 2022-05-13

Intended Audience


The Localization School will be hosting its Spring School 2022 program from May 2 to May 13, 2022. This virtual conference is for freelance translators, translation students and professors, language industry professionals, and all companies that are part of the localization and translation sector.


What is Localization Spring School 2022?


Localization Spring School is a two-week online event that will feature experienced localization experts in academia and across the localization sector. This course will discuss the latest trends and techniques regarding localization engineering, project management, CAT tools, customizing machine translations, and other aspects of the industry. 


This is an intense online course that will have comprehensive discussions on the localization process and its application on websites, apps, games, and SEO. It will also dive into discussions of the Localization process in audiovisual applications and other tools and file types.


What Can Participants Expect?


If you’re looking for localization training, this is the conference for you. Localization School is a new course initiative founded by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona’s Tradumàtica Translation Technologies Summer School.


Its goal is to provide intensive courses in localization training and foster a community for localization experts from all walks of life. The pandemic had accelerated the digitalization of many sectors, including the localization industry. Because of this, there has been a need for localization experts in the development of apps, video games, websites, software, and audiovisual content. 


This conference aims to help participants be prepared for various roles, such as language specialist, localization program manager, localization specialist, localization engineer, localization project manager, and other relevant occupations within the sector. 


This event provides a critical perspective on the various technologies used and how they are presented in the industry and academe. Participants are encouraged to openly discuss and provide insight into their techniques, skill, and expertise. 


Event Details and Information

As mentioned, this is an online event that will be in English. All event participants will have access to it through Zoom or Jitsi on their PC. You will have access to tools and won’t need to purchase any license to use them.


This event starts each day at around 10:00 CET and ends at 16:00 CET. You will get a total of 50 hours of learning and training. 


All participants of the event will receive a certificate of participation. You will have a chance to meet and talk with various professionals in the localization industry through the event’s once-a-week e-coffee break. For more information, check out their website.

Localization Spring School 2022


When: May 2-13, 2022


Where:  Online

Registration: https://localization.school/registration-form/

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