Localization Careers 2019 - San Jose

San Jose, California, USA, | 2019-11-21 - 2019-11-21

What is Localization Careers?

Localization Careers is a special conference on career pathways in the localization industry organized by the International Multilingual User Group (IMUG). IMUG is a globalization, internationalization, localization, and translation (GILT) group with members comprising of GILT professionals and language technology users. The conference aims to cover topics on the challenges in tapping the talent pool that the localization industry needs to meet current demands in localization services. 

What Can Attendees Expect?

Attendees will have the chance to listen to engaging lectures to be presented by three industry representatives from the language service and localization industry. 

Guest Speakers
- Winnie Heh/Career Advisor for the Translation, Interpretation and Localization Management Programs, MIIS
Alaina Brandt/Assistant Professor of Professional Practice of the Translation and Localization Management Program, MIIS 
Adam Wooten/Associate Professor in the Translation and Localization Management Program, MIIS

Official topics;
1. Visualizing Career Paths to Improve Recruiting and Retention
To be presented by Winnie Heh. Winnie will discuss long-term career pathways for students passionate about language in the language services industry and what opportunities they can capitalize from given their skills and career goals. 
Standardizing Core Competencies to Better Connect Employers with Qualified Candidates
To be co-presented by Alaina Brandt and Adam Wooten. Alaina will discuss the standards expected from the localization industry based off of her research in job descriptions, standards of best practice, and relevant industry resources. 
- Adam will continue the rest of the session by clearing up ‘myths’ regarding the software skills expected for localization jobs and clarify it with the industry’s actual realities to give attendees a practical outlook on their potential in the industry. 

Venue Information & Complete Address

The event will be held at the Adobe HQ in San Jose. 
Adobe HQ - East Tower, Park Conference Room
321 Park Avenue, San Jose

For more information about the event, registration process, and event fees, click here; 


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