ICLRT 2021

Montreal, Canada, | 2021-08-05 - 2021-08-06

What is ICLRT?

The International Conference on Linguistic Relativity and Translation (ICLRT) focuses on collaborating with various academic scientists and researchers regarding Linguistic Relativity and Translation topics. This conference encourages participants like practitioners, educators, and scholars to discuss trends and challenges regarding the above-stated topics.   

The two-day conference will take place in Montreal, Canada, wherein it will present 15 blindly peer-review articles from across the globe.

What Can Attendees Expect?  

The conference will discuss blind peer-reviewed papers evaluated by three qualified experts. The articles selected were based on index database programs such as Google Scholar, Open Science Index, Zenedo, etc., that are affected by Impact Factor (IF) indicators. IF measures how often an article is repeatedly referenced because this will affect the article’s ranking and relative importance.

The 15 articles that will be discussed and elaborated upon will be about Linguistic Relativity and Translation topics. The research papers featured in this conference will explain findings like theoretical frameworks and data of the above-stated subjects. The event will also present methods and strategies towards practical challenges encountered in the related field mentioned. 

The different topics explained within this conference will be relevant to those who research cognitive linguistics, forms of linguistic relativity, artificial and programming languages, etc. Also, this conference is available to those who want to learn about linguistic frameworks and translation methods that will be applicable in academic fields such as translation, linguistics, philosophy, science, culture, and psychology.

Venue Information And Complete Address

The two-day conference will be through a digital program in which interested participants can sign-up online. Participants will have access to the conference proceedings and online materials such as abstracts, papers, and certificates through the profile page.

First Day Of The Conference

The virtual event will begin on August 5, 2021, at 12 P.M. local London Time. Delegates are expected to register 10 minutes before the conference starts through a given link.  

Second Day Of The Conference

On August 6, 2021, the digital program will provide an e-book concerning the topics discussed within the event. 


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