Let’s Talk About Plain Language

Virtual, Virtual, | 2022-03-25 - 2022-03-25

The Let's Talk About Plain Language is intended for all those who create content and are involved in communications. The talk will discuss the importance of using simple language in communicating to an audience.


If you have adopted plain language in the way you create your content then you are invited to share your stories. Thinking of using a plain language strategy? Then you should join the talk and be ready to ask the authors relevant questions.


What Can You Expect?


The Let's Talk About Plain Language will be headed by Deborah S. Bosley and Deanna Lorianni. They are the co-authors of "The Plain Language Playbook". Join the authors as they talk about the need for clearer, more concise, and relevant content. They will also talk about the possible strategies for identifying and resolving issues that can have an effect on your ability to create content that's easy to understand. There will also be a discussion about the need for supporting plain language text with images.


There will also be three lucky attendees who will win a free copy of "The Plain Language Playbook" each. The books will be delivered once the book is released.


This talk is sponsored by The Content Wrangler, XML Press, Plain Language Group, and Zuula.


Let’s Talk About Plain Language 

When: March 25, 2022


Where:  Online

Registration: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/9273/527363

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