LavaCon 2019

Portland, Oregon, USA, | 2019-10-27 - 2019-10-30

Arguably, content is the most important part of any website. To determine which is the best content to create, market and feed your audience is absolutely important. As strategy often refers to a long run plan, creating the perfect strategy that will just click with your readership is essential. Most bloggers know this — that building a faithful group of audience who religiously checks out your work —is better than one time clicks to your articles, just for the sake of gaining a higher traffic. In the end nothing beats a well thought out content strategy and insightful articles that actually helps out your readers.

LavaCon launches its 17th  annual conference this 27th of October, the four day event will be held at Portland, Oregon. The conference aims to provide content professionals the necessary tools and technology for them to adapt to this constantly evolving industry. This is also a great event to network to your peers and develop professional connections that will be beneficial to you as an individual or to your company as a whole. Especially in the world of content marketing and creation, interactions are often done via phone or the internet, for them to be able to connotate a human being to which they had a few laughs with would give you an advantage as it transforms your relationship from an objective to a subjective one.

This event will be best for those aiming to reach out to the global leaders in technology and business today, as representatives from fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, etc. are invited to speak. This event will be the perfect chance to see how these accomplished companies develop and implement their content strategies.

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