Language Technology Industry Summit

Brussels, Belgium, | 2019-06-24 - 2019-06-25

Artificial Intelligence or commonly referred to as “AI”, is the intelligence contained in computers or machines. It has been said that machines are just as intelligent as the ones who made them, with technology being the forefront of this era, AI has been steadily improving to the point where they become self-learning. Cognition is something for thousands of years known only to be unique to humans, nowadays computer science is revolutionizing AI and Machine Learning (ML) to replicate human cognition to increase efficiency and accuracy for tasks that require high intellectual inputs from humans. One of the most notable applications of AI and ML is developing state of the art machine translation and speech recognition that can adapt through various languages.

This conference by the Language Technology Industry Summit, is one of the foremost events in Europe that shows the power of AI in the language industry. With the increasing demand of automation in the world, AI has been seeing a rise of demand on the market. The summit generally aims to assess the current standing of AI in the industry. The event expects to accommodate the best and the brightest minds in the field of computer science and computational linguistics as well as business leaders and investors. Given the gathering of researchers, analyst and investors, this event will definitely propel the language industry as it will give researchers the best chance to network and present their work to the right audience, thus, providing them an opportunity to receive funding and assistance.

With the leading developers and business owners in attendance, this conference will be a utopia for language technology enthusiasts and developers. The central theme of the event is “The Sound of Intelligence”, so expect to see various research to be presented on the role of technology in speech and how it impacts the industry in general. The two day event will take place in Brussels, Belgium from the 24th to the 25th of June. For more information please see website below.


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