KTLC 2022 - Translation And Localization Conference

Online and in Warsaw, Poland, | 2022-09-29 - 2022-10-01

What Is This About?

The main theme of this year’s KTLC Conference is ‘POWER’, which means we will seek to address some tough questions like:

  • How can we harness the power of machines in order to empower humans working as localizers, translators, and interpreters?
  • How can we use software and hardware to power up our work?
  • Does our industry have a superpower which gives it an advantage in the increasingly digitized world?
  • What’s your “power-up” story in business?
  • What’s your secret power that pulls your clients in?

And more...

Last year’s KTLC was full of speakers on a host of fascinating topics related to the field of localization, so Tomedes is certain the conference this year will be much the same.

In 2021 Stephen Rifkind of Gaguzia Translations presented a speech on the legal requirements for the use of plain English, when it is relevant and the rules to apply them.

Meanwhile, Dora Murgu, Interpreter Engagement Manager for Interprefy, spoke about the relationship between stress and performance and Remote Interpreting (RI) and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI).

What Can You Expect?
After eight years of onsite conferences and two years of online conferences, KTLC is peeking out from the virtual world and holding their first hybrid event.

Whether you participate online or in-person in Warsaw, Poland, you can count on this being a one of a kind conference where you can gain knowledge, expand your network of contacts, and discover new inspiration for your work.

With such a dynamic and empowering theme, this year’s KTLC Conference is sure to have something for everyone, whether you are a student of linguistics or a localization or interpreting professional working in the private sector.


KTLC 2022

Translation And Localization Conference

Dates: 29 September - 1 October, 2022

Location: Warsaw, Poland and Online

Registration: https://translation-conference.com/

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