International Migration and Communication Congress

Sakarya University & Congress Center, Sakarya, Turkey, | 2018-09-27 - 2018-09-28

This two-day event focuses on translation and interpreting within the context of migration, asylum and cross-border interactions. Communication and migration have become important topics as civil war and instability in the Middle East have led to the displacement of populations and this congress examines the role that communication plays in addressing migration problems and hope to share best practice across topics such as:

scientific and intellectual activity

discrimination in the transnational perspective

inequality between citizens and non-citizens

socio-economic challenges impacting the level of welfare and social cohesion

multi-scale applications in multi-level governance

The congress honorary and scientific committees consist of academics from across Europe; the congress findings will be subsequently published in peer-reviewed journals. Registration for the event is €80 with a €50 fee for the video and poster presentation.

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